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As one of the first engineering departments to be formed in the South Valley area, the Department of High Voltage Networks was founded in 1989 together with the Faculty of Energy Engineering.

In the southern Upper Egypt region, where electrical engineering plays a significant role in advancing technological and developmental processes, the impact of the electrical engineer is seen in all development plans and different engineering projects.

In order to meet the demands of the industrial sector, both public and private, and to contribute to the growth of Egypt’s domestic industry, the Department of High Voltage Networks aims to prepare students. Because of this, graduates of the department have numerous employment options in a variety of development-related disciplines in all locations.

2019–2024 Electrical Engineering Department Five-Year Research Plan, Energy Engineering Faculty.

Scientific courses:

 Introduction to SoftwareTechnical Reports in Electrical EngineeringHumanities in Electrical EngineeringElectrical Measurements
Electrical Circuit TheoryElectromagnetic Fields Statistical Applications in Electrical EngineeringElectrical Tests
 Electrical Power Electrical MachinesSoftware in Electrical EngineeringHigh Voltage
Powerful Electronics Protection SystemsPower Systems ControlElectrical Instrument Control
Electrical Project ManagementPrecision Measuring InstrumentsDigital Control SystemsOperations Research
Operating SystemsData Acquisition SystemsLighting Engineering Electrical Engineering Applications
 Distribution Systems EngineeringPower Systems OperationTransient Phenomena F. Strong systems  Artificial Intelligence Applications
 Applications Alhambra power systemsStrong Electronics applications Electric Traction Systems Non-conventional energy
energy conversion systemsenergy storage systemsschematic in the electrical networksmechanical and electrical installations
Graduation Project