Quality Assurance Unit Achievements - Energy Engineering ع

Quality Assurance Unit Achievements

Workshop ( distributing roles of quality administration)14/1/2020
Making student statements to evaluate the lecturerthrough exams period
Making student statements to evaluate the  coursethrough exams period
Making student statements to evaluate the facilities of the faculty and services itthrough exams period
Making a statement for postgraduate studies studentsthrough exams period
Selecting the best academic staff, assistant lecturer, and employee.  
Making a statement to select the distinguished employee. 
A workshop was held ( e-learning ) in the attendance of academic staff and their assistants, and a number of students4/3/2020
Making a student statement to contribute to developing the education operation ( in the course, lecturer, assistant lecturer)After the passing of the 1st month of the second semester
An emergency and following committee to sterilize, spray, and purify the faculty was formed.  
A statement to measure students’ satisfaction about the measurements of the faculty to maintain public health and the precautionary measurements inside the committees and outside them.during the editorial exams for the bachelor batch and postgraduate studies

Participation in the measurements that are launched by the central administration projects for development:

1-Developing the measurement and evaluation systems in Egyptian Universities.

2-Supporting and developing projects for the education operation in the higher education instituations.

3-Developing and accrediting laboratories in higher education institutions.

4-Visualizing and forming a committee to rearrange the arrangement of study halls.