Add and Delete Courses - Energy Engineering

Add and Delete Courses

-The student may register for courses its credit hours achieved to 21hours after consulting his academic advisor. -After registration, the student may add or delete courses by steps that are decided by the faculty’s board. -The student may replace courses with other ones through 2 weeks from the beginning of the usual semester. -A student may delete a course without any academic effect until the end of the fourth week for the first and second semesters. Then, the permissible solution is to withdraw from the course, and the deleted course during the first four weeks of study does not appear in the transcript of grades given to the student. After this date, the student takes the grade W in this course (formal withdrawal). -The student gets an F grade if he is off-attending without deleting a course. -The student may re-enroll in a course that was previously studied and get an F grade in it.