Faculty's Administration - Energy Engineering

Faculty’s Administration

Dean of the Faculty 

NameScientific degreeEmail
Prof.Adel Zain El DienProfessor of High Voltage-Department of Electrical Engineeringdean@energy.aswu.edu.eg 

Vice-Dean for Education and Students Affairs

NameScientific degreeEmail
Prof. Abdel Mo’men Mohamed Abdel RahimAssistant Professor at the Electrical Engineering Departmentvicedean.S.S@energy.aswu.edu.eg

Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies & Cultural Relations

NameScientific degreeEmail
Prof. Mohamed Mahmoud Hussein Saleh Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineeringvicedean.G.S@energy.aswu.edu.eg

Vice-Dean for Community Service & Environmental Development

NameScientific degreeEmail
Prof. Essam Hafez Abdul HamiedAssistant Professor of Electrical Engineeringvicedean.csed@energy.aswu.edu.eg

 Faculty’s Secretary

Ms. Noha Abdel Khaleq TharwatFacultymanager@energy.aswu.edu.eg