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Alumni Affairs Department

Alumni Affairs Department is the first step in which the graduate begins his career life and his orientation to the labor market as well as helps the college’s graduates to complete their graduation papers, which is to extract the temporary certificate and graduation certificates, estimates, and statements, in order to meet the needs of the college graduates to complete the appointment papers or postgraduate studies or for reasons of travel or recruitment.

This department provides graduates with a number of job opportunities available in the public and private sectors, as well as the possibility of pursuing their higher studies, the possibility of continuous training and actively contributing to determining the nature of the labor market’s needs for education programs.

Alumni can also attend various events held within the college and participate in the Alumni Program committees.

  • Prepare a list of names and information for graduates and send it to central administration for Alumni to edit Graduation certificates.
  • Prepare a list and grades of recent graduates for each department and For the issuance of the ministerial decision from the President of the University.
  • Issuance of graduation certificates for recent graduates.
  • Issuance of grade certificates.
  • A statistic of graduate students, each graded, for each department separately.
  • Make a list of top graduates with all data, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Register certificates in the graduates list to be handed over to graduates.
  • Procedures for accreditation of temporary and original certificates.
  • Prepare database includes all  major data of graduates from the reality of emptying the release forms,and submitting them to any specific external party that appoints college.
  •  As soon as the results of the end-of-year exams are announced for the final teams and the students are awarded a bachelor’s degree according to the cumulative total and assessment obtained by a decision of the College Council, a temporary certificate is prepared to fulfill the position of conscription until the final certificate is prepared after the approval of the  Minister of Planning.
  • Preparing various certificates for recent graduates (collected – estimates) in both Arabic and English.
  • Preparing and approving various certificates for all previous batches since the inception of the college throughout the whole year.
  •  Preparing statements by reviewing the validity of the previously extracted certificates in both languages ​​(Arabic and English) in response to the inquiries of embassies and various authorities of all countries.
  • Fulfillment of the release form ( for freshmen).
  • Complete the application for certification.
  • Bring the certificate preparation period and leave it three days from submitting the application.
  • The period for preparing the certificate is three days since the application was submitted.
  • Receipt of the certificates shall be with the original proof of identity ( a valid national ID card – passport ) for the same person .

Statement of top graduates’ names of May 2019 role (credit hours system)

No.NameCumulative GradeAverage ScoresTotal ScoresDepartmentAddress
1Mohamed Nasr Abdel-Hamid Abdel-MajidExcellent with honors3.57642NetworksQena, Nag Hammadi Al-Rahmaniyah Center, before me
2Ahmed Khaled Abdul Rahman Ahmed SalehExcellent with honors3.54636.6Stations
3Bassiouni Shehata Attia Mohamed IbrahimVery good with honors3.45620.4NetworksKafr El Sheikh Jalis
4Abdullah Ahmed Al-Aref MustafaVery good with honors3.43617.3StationsSohag, Akhmim Center, Prince Hassan St.
5Raouf Hassan Mr. Abdul Shafi HassanVery good with honors3.42616NetworksGiza Al Haram Petco City 23 Haram St.
6Karam Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel RahmanVery good with honors3.29592.6StationsQena Nag Hammadi Al-Habsheh Ezbet Danqul
7Alaa Khalaf Atef Abdel AalVery good-A3.18572.7NetworksAswan Abbas Farid Street
8Mohammad Hamdy Mohammad MohammadVery good -B with honors3.11560.5StationsQena Naga Said Hamdy Atallah St.
9Safaa Salah Abdel Naim OmarVery good -B with honors2.99538.54StationsAswan, Kom Ombo Center, Wadi Kom Ombo
10Ola Morsi Abdul Aziz HusseinVery good -B with honors2.9522.2NetworksAswan Edfu- Alqanadla