Aswan University President follows up the construction works in the new emergency and reception hospital - Energy Engineering

Aswan University President follows up the construction works in the new emergency and reception hospital

On Tuesday, Prof.Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President made took an inspection in Aswan University Hospital to follow up the construction works that have been by leaps and bounds in the new emergency and reception hospital in Aswan University Hospital on the area of 1400 square meters within the framework of the state’s efforts for raising the health system and the concern of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with the university hospitals.

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab stressed what Aswan University Hospital witnessed on the development works for raising the absorption capacity to serve the patients and sons of Aswan Governorate, that achieves to 415 beds in addition to 300 beds at Internal Hospital after completing from it so soon and being under the service in the light of the state’s concern with the health of the citizen and working on providing a distinctive medical service through the university hospitals and playing their role in the light of confronting coronavirus.


University president emphasized the necessity of the completion of the construction works rapidly in the emergency and reception hospital and working on preparing it in order to be a new addition for serving patients, Aswan people, and the sons of Upper Egypt governorates.


Prof.Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President accommodated Dr.Mohamed Zaki Al-Dahshory-Dean of Faculty of Medicine and the Chairman of University Hospital Administration, Dr.Ashraf Mabed-Executive Manager of University Hospital, and Dr.Mohamed Zakria -Engineering Consultant for standing on what has been implemented from construction works; Dr. Ashraf Mabed-Executive Manager of University Hospital added Prof.Ahmed Ghallab -Aswan University President has inspected the children department to check on the progress of the medical service and providing the medical and treatment faces that have been provided for the children patients and Maebed pointed out the department includes 10 incubations, 5 beds, and 3 capsules for treating the cases of bile. 

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab inspected the new PCR device which is used in the Intensive Care for receiving the suspected cases of the emerging Coronavirus with the power of 18 beds and 10 artificial respirators devices for serving the suspected cases of coronavirus.