Bachelor - Energy Engineering ع



The Faculty consists of the following scientific departments:

-Mechanical power stations department.

-Ultra-high voltage networks department.

-Faculty of Energy Engineering grants the bachelor’s degree in one of the following branches:

-Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Power Stations).

– Mechanical Engineering (Material and Design Engineering).

-Electrical engineering (high voltage networks).

-Electrical Engineering (Control Engineering).

Every section teaches the subjects and conducts the researches in its courses.

-The student is enrolled in the engineering bachelor degree in one of the scientific division if the student got the secondary certification in the scientific department or what equivalent to it upon the terms and conditions of the acceptance that are determined by the coordination office every year according to to the decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities.

-The distribution of the transferring students from the preparatory batch to the first batch on various departments of the specialization according to the system determined by the faculty’s council.

-The faculty follows the credited hours and the study’s duration doesn’t less than 10 semesters, the academic year divides into 2 semesters that ended with exams according to what’s mentioned in the academic courses that are attached to this regulation in addition to the summer semester.

* The first semester: starts with the beginning of the academic year for 15 studying weeks.

* The second semester: starts after a mid-year vacation for 15 weeks studying.

The board of directors of the faculty can add a third summer semester to the academic year; In this case, the student’s registration will be optionally in this semester, the studying duration of this semester will be 8 weeks includes the duration of the final exam provided that multiplying the studying hours of every course, a maximum 3 academic courses if this weekly leads to transfer student to a higher level or fulfillment the requirements of studying some courses.