Civil Training - Energy Engineering

Civil Training

-Studying includes obligatory civil training for 6 weeks at least every year in the announced sites by the faculty’s administration through the summer vacations under the supervision of academic staff and their assistants in cooperation with engineers from the Ministry of Electricity and Energy.
-At the end of every summer vacation, the student submits a detailing report about what he performed through the class training then holding an annual exam to discuss the report in October per year, the result of the evaluation will be approved or disapproved report.
-Non-approving the summer report doesn’t affect his transferring to the next year but the student doesn’t get the bachelor’s degree at the end of the academic year unless the faculty approves on 4 civil training periods the duration of each is 6 weeks.
-The dean can approve student’s training in civil sites that non-announced by the faculty’s administration upon the recommendations of the general supervisor of training, whether inside or outside Egypt.