Vice-Dean's Speech (Env) - Energy Engineering

Vice-Dean’s Speech (Env)


Vice -Dean’s speech of Prof. Essam Hafez Abdul Hamid

The social participation is considered one of the most important activities of the faculty which is considered the most important basic foundations for strengthening and activating links between faculty and its surrounded community which is represented in the academic staff, auxiliary body, students, workers, employees, and the surrounded community with all its foundations. Community Service and Environmental Development agency is regarded as an important and essential part of the organization structure of the faculty where is responsible for solving the community’s problems and contributing to development cases. Agency seeks through social participation to contribute to achieving the faculty’s mission and its strategic plan by implementing the tasks and responsibilities of it through following the modern scientific methods and using all resources and available abilities of its members. This seeking is represented in presenting participating activities and various programs in the light of constructive social participation such as organizing training programs for students whether in the faculty’s or the civil laboratories, as well as holding specific symposiums and workshops. The Community Service & Environmental Development agency is very interested in the serious cooperation with all agencies and scientific departments inside the faculty to achieve the mission and vision of the faculty, we invite all the social sides and my colleagues from the academic staff, assistant academic staff, the employees and our students to effective participation in all activities and programs that are presented from the agency to achieve the goal of the social participation. We wish your support and wait for your suggestions to develop the mechanism of the agency and its activities.  Prof.Essam Hafez Abdul Hamid Vice- Dean of the Faculty for Community Service & Environmental Development