Vice-Dean Speech - Energy Engineering

Vice-Dean Speech

My Dear Students,
How lovely it is for the Faculty of Energy Engineering – Aswan University to have a distinct name that distinguishes it from the other engineering faculties in the field of energy, where there is global interest in alternative and renewable energy projects that are critical at the global level and for achieving Egypt’s 2030 visions.
My sons, the future engineers:
The Faculty of Energy Engineering is honored by your affiliation with it and requires you to make additional efforts to raise the status of our dear faculty, whose scientific niche is full of scientific and educational expertise that must be exploited to hone your cognitive and applied skills so that you can be useful in Egyptian society and represent our faculty well in all institutions, companies, and factories.
I also ask you to actively participate in student activities in order to increase the Faculty of Energy Engineering’s contribution to Aswan University and Egyptian universities, as well as to continue the path of triumphs and honors set by your prior colleagues. Our mission is to establish Aswan University as a prestigious institution.
Finally, I pray to God for your success in your studies, as well as in your current and future scientific and practical lives. We pray to God for the success of your efforts to promote the Faculty of Energy Engineering, Aswan University, and our beloved Egypt.

Dr.Mahmoud Ahmed Bakry

Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs