Dean's Word - Energy Engineering ع

Dean’s Word

The faculty of Energy Engineering at Aswan University seeks to provide distinctive educational services in the specialties of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering by graduating cadres who can compete in the labor market locally and regionally. The faculty applies the accredited hour system besides the distinctive educational services

The Faculty of Energy Engineering has the super ability to present a good education, which distinguishes its graduates in the various labor markets, while the faculty runs productive, industrial, and service institutions for engineers who have skills and capabilities of organized thinking and good performance in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering.

The Faculty of Energy Engineering seeks to establish new departments such as New and Renewable Energy—Petrol and Natural Gas Engineering—Construction Engineering in order to keep up with the requirements of the labor market. It also plays an important role in the field of energy to match the direction of the state and its vision 2030, and this by representing Aswan University in the Excellence in Energy Center in partnership with Ain-Shams University, Mansoura University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in America (MIT).

In addition to the interest of the faculty in its distinctive performance for its graduates, as it is considered the home of experience for serving society and developing the environment by the unit of laboratories, training, and consultations at the faculty, the faculty is prepared to communicate with all institutions of the community to raise our society and country and to work on progressing and placing it in the appropriate position for our ancient people, who have a great history and civilization from which everyone benefits. 

Last but not least, I am proud to be one of the graduates of this faculty and to be the first dean. I wish for more progress and advancement, and I express my thanks and appreciation to the Presidency of the University, the esteemed academic staff and their assistants, and the university employees for their continuous support. I wish success for all our students. 

Prof. Adel Zain Al-Din Mohammad Mosa
Dean of the Faculty of Energy Engineering