Diploma Stage - Energy Engineering ع

Diploma Stage

Aswan University awards a postgraduate diploma in the following engineering majors:

Electrical Engineering:

-electrical forces.

– Control.

Mechanical Engineering :

 Design of pipelines and turbines

♦ A student must be enrolled in any of the postgraduate diplomas to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering in a specialization branch from an Egyptian university, or an equivalent degree from a recognized scientific institute.

♦ The study period required to obtain any postgraduate diploma is two academic years (4 semesters), provided that the number of study hours is not less than 15 hours per week.

♦ The postgraduate course schedules for each diploma determine the name of the course and the number of its approved hours. The College Council approves the scientific content of the study courses based on the recommendations of the department council supervising the diploma.

♦ Postgraduate diploma exams are held twice a year (once each semester) on the dates determined by the University Council based on the proposal of the Faculty Council.

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