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Estimates and Average Estimate

Periodic tests were held two times a month for each course throughout the studying semester, the final editorial exam was held in the final of the studying semester in which teaching the course is ended. The duration of the exam doesn’t exceed 3 hours. The final exams of studying semesters are held according to the dates of the exams that are determined by the council of the faculty after taking the opinion of the council of the institute.

-The estimates system uses the following:

A- outstanding, B-very good, C-good, D-poor, F- fail, I- incomplete work, IP-advance, W-formal withdraw, Z- informal withdraw, P-passed, NP-unpassed, NE-not examed.

If the estimate doesn’t be gotten in the course, symbols like W-formal withdraw, Z- informal withdraw, P-passed, NP-unpassed, NE-not examed.

The student is given ”IP-advance” in the final of the semester as a preliminary estimate for the courses that are taught in more than one semester such as the project and reports.

Incomplete Work:

In rare cases students can’t complete the course, it’s allowed for him to continue the work until after the period of the exams. Any lecturers use”I- incomplete work” have to edit a specific form about this matter to students’ affairs( 2 versions for academic staff and a student), including the following information:

-The cause of the incompletion of the work.

-The amount of work that must be completed.

-The requested work to modify this report.

In cases where the student obtains an I, he must arrange with the academic advisor to complete the course within one month from the beginning of the next semester. In the event that the work is not completed within a month from the beginning of the next semester, this leads to the final report for Course F indicating failure. When a student obtains a grade of “incomplete work” in a course, this does not affect the number of courses in the next semester. If he has more than one course, the number of credit hours for these courses will be added to the hours of the next semester.
Students who receive this grade—and who have a result that the required overall grade average has not been achieved—are not allowed to enroll during the next semester. But when the “incomplete work” is completed before the end of the period specified for course registration, the student becomes scientifically capable and is allowed to apply for registration.

– Withdrawal:

Students who cannot complete the semester because of their illness or any emergency circumstance that allows them to withdraw. These students must complete a form from Student Affairs, sign it and return it to Student Affairs, and the last date for withdrawing from the course is a period not exceeding two months from the beginning of the study.

Withdrawal grades will be recorded for each course the student progresses to withdraw from.

– He gets one of two ratings:

Either a grade of W if the student had done the required work of him in the course at the date of withdrawal or Z if he had not done the work required of him on the date of withdrawal. No credit hours are given for courses that students withdraw from.