Faculty's Council - Energy Engineering

Faculty’s Council

The Board of Directors

The Faculty’s Board of Directors is formed by a decision from the University President for a year which  can be renewed as follows:

-Dean of the faculty and heads the council.

-Vice -Deans of Faculty.

– Heads of the departments.

-Director of the Quality Assurance Unit at the faculty.

-At least, one academic staff from each department.


-In the case of absence of any of the scientific sections of the professors may be replaced by any of the faculty members appointed in the department.

– Three public figures who have a special interest in the affairs of higher education or the affairs of the college provided that at least one of them is representative of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy.

The council selects annually from among its members who are appointed by the Council, preferably a member of the faculty.

Tasks of the Council

1. Proposing the granting of the final academic certificates and presenting them to the professor of the university’s president for approval.

2. Adoption of the results of the transfer examinations.

3. Suggesting the amendment of the internal rules of the college as well as issuing sub-internal regulations to organize the work of the faculty in a manner that does not contradict the internal regulations of the faculty.

4. Issuing regulations and regulations pertaining to units of a special nature or centers that see the adoption of a system and a special account for them.

5. Studying the suggestions of the departmental councils regarding the establishment of new departments or students, or modifying the departments of the interior in the departments and submitting them to the Minister of Education for approval after submission to the Committee of the Engineering Education Sector.

6. Suggesting the number of new students admitted to the college at the beginning of each academic year for approval by the University Council.

7. Distribution of student batches.

8.Assignment from and to the faculty.

9. Distributing the examination works and the formation of its committees; and determining the meals of examiners and approving on the deliberations of examination committees.

10. Drawing the general policy of education in the faculty.

11. Approving the transfer of students from and to the college according to the specific rules of the university and the coordination office.

12. Other terms of reference stipulated in Law No. 49 of 1963 concerning the organization of colleges and higher institutes and its executive regulations.

13. Other matters that the dean may see to be presented to the Council.


Any modification in the current internal regulation (scientific content-establishing new departments-academic plans-…..etc) suggested by the faculty’s administration council must be presented to the University’s Council and the Committee of Engineering Educational Sector.

-On condition, the specializations of these committees have to be specified in the decision of their forming and taking their recommendation to the dean of the faculty to accredit them.

-Committee of Postgraduate Studies and Research, and Committee of laboratories, devices, and facilities.

-Committee of Practical Relationships and Foreign Culture.

-Committee of Library.

Members of the Faculty’s Board of Directors

NameScientific Degrees
Prof. Adel Zein El-Din MohamedDean of the Faculty
Prof. Abdulmumen MohammedVice Dean for Student Affairs
Prof.  Walid Anis MahmoudVice Dean for Graduate Studies
Prof. Walid Ahmed Abdel FadilVice Dean for Environmental Affairs
Prof.  Salama Abdel Hady MohamedAssistant Professors
Prof. Ahmed Thabet MohamedAssistant Professors
Prof. Walid Ahmed Abdel FadilAssistant Professors
Eng / Raafat Hassan ShammaChairman of the Board of Directors of Upper Egypt Distribution Company
Eng / Mohamed Amr Gad Al-KarimChairman of the Board of Directors of Water Stations Company