GEB Project - Energy Engineering

GEB Project

By utilizing the lands of Egypt, the project aims to develop capacities in the age of modern, ecologically friendly energy. In order to utilize Egypt’s untapped geothermal resources, the project will produce the first generation of students and business owners who can find employment and launch ventures.

Project NameGeothermal Energy Capacity Building in Egypt  
FacultyEnergy Engineering
Project start dateNovember 2020
Duration of the project3 years
Funding value956,867 euros
Principal investigatorDr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali Reda

-Improving the scientific skills of the Egyptian staff.

– Improving competencies of the Egyptian HEIs.

-Building a new graduate engineering diploma in geothermal energy in Egypt.

-Constructing an Egyptian-European collaboration.

-Raising awareness of the importance of geothermal energy in Egypt.

-Setting up a stable network between the participating Egyptian HEIs in the geothermal energy field.

– The establishment of Egypt’s first educational geothermal pilot system.

-The creation of geothermal integrated laboratories in Egyptian HEIs.

-The geothermal energy engineering diploma.

-The first wave of diploma graduates.

-The first educational geothermal energy pilot plant in Egypt

-Integrated geothermal energy laboratories at the participating EG HEIs.

-Development of stronger academic relations between EG HEIs and EU HEIs in the field of geothermal energy.

– Development of a stronger academia-industry network between EG HEIs and local enterprises in the field of geothermal energy.

-Raising national awareness about the benefits of geothermal energy.

– The Egyptian Society of Geothermal Energy.


Cairo University

   Suez Canal University

     Ain Shams University
Aswan University
    Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology

  South Valley Egyptian Petroleum Holding Company (Ganope)
        New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA)

University of Bologna – Italy

        University of Valladolid _ Spain

University of Zagreb_Croatia

 Associated Partners: