Goals of the Community Service Sector - Energy Engineering ع

Goals of the Community Service Sector

-Contribution to faculty’s performance in its educational message and strategic plan, and working to raise the efficiency of its students and graduates.

-Holding seminars to spread social participation culture among academic staff and their assistants, students, and the surrounding community.

-Organizing training courses to develop the community through holding and organizing cultural, scientific, and sporting activities in participation with the surrounding community.

-Encouraging technical creativity for the faculty’s students, academic staff, and their assistants.

-Marketing services and applying researches to the faculty’s centers and its special units locally and regionally.

-Organizing conferences, fairs, and specialized scientific seminars whether on students or research level to show the capabilities of the faculty in the field of the applied part of the scientific research.

-Establishing a unit for the faculty’s graduates to achieve the continuous connecting to them the field of services and training and implementing programs qualify them to the labor market.

-Seeking to sign cooperation protocols with the institutions of the civil society engineering companies to implement research and applying projects and holding workshops to provide their needs and solve their environmental and artificial problems.

-Working on enhancing the benefit from the available natural resources.