Goals' Unit - Energy Engineering ع

Goals’ Unit

The Automotive, Machinery, and Scientific Equipment Maintenance Center aims to:

♦ Maintenance of cars, machines, and scientific devices in various faculties and departments of Aswan University, individuals, bodies, and companies.

♦ Providing technical consultations in various faculties and departments of Aswan University, bodies and companies outside the university, and individuals.

♦ Organizing training courses in the field of maintenance.

♦ Cooperation with other local scientific bodies in the field of continuous training to achieve the required technical level for engineers and technicians.

♦ Developing and gathering equipment and machines and their marketing within the university, the bodies that are outside the university, as well as individuals.

♦ Organizing seminars and conferences with specialized scientific bodies and preparing and publishing specialized study publications.

♦ Entering tenders and auctions inside and outside the university within the framework of the unit’s services.