Graduation Project and Training - Energy Engineering

Graduation Project and Training

Level students (400) prepare a bachelor’s project in specific subjects identified by departmental councils during the academic year. An additional four-week period is allocated to the project, which begins after the completion of the second semester exam and is under the supervision of the faculty members to organize, supervise and discuss projects. At the end of the period allocated for the project, the student submits a scientific report on the subject of the graduation project and discusses it. The study also includes summer semesters for theoretical and practical training for students of levels 000, 100, and 200 inside and outside the institute and is implemented under the supervision of faculty members in the following areas:

A. Engineering drawing training:

For a month inside the institute after the second-semester exams for level 000.

B. Training workshops and laboratories:

For a month inside the institute after the second semester exams for level 100.

C. Field traning:

For a period of six weeks following the second semester exams for level 200, in public and industrial facilities, the student submits at the end of the training a detailed report on what is a tool in this training, and the concerned department holds an oral exam to discuss and evaluate it. Students may be trained outside the Republic based on the approval of the Institute Council. The student does not obtain a bachelor’s degree unless he successfully performs both of the previous exercises.