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Intrinsic Values of Document

The institution has declared and made available intrinsic values for those who are concerned and effective mechanisms to ensure transparency and non-discrimination and to apply professional ethics:

Commitment to intellectual property rights and copyright:

The faculty is committed to postgraduate studies and research on intellectual property rights and copyrights according to Intellectual Property Protection Law No. 82 of 2002. The faculty is also committed to the intellectual property policy of Aswan University.

The faculty follows some official procedures to spread the culture of intellectual property rights and copyrights, which are as follows:

♦ Awareness of intellectual property rights and publication through training courses within the training plan for academic staff and the assisting body, as shown in the Intrinsic Values Document ​​of the faculty and the professional ethics of the faculty (attachment 2/5/1).

♦ Spreading the culture of intellectual property rights and publishing among students and emphasizing the submission of scientific research by citing scientific references with instructions for the student to avoid plagiarism. To view more:

Intrinsic Values of Document