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Intrinsic Values of Document

The institution has intrinsic values ​​that are declared and available to stakeholders and effective mechanisms to ensure transparency and non-discrimination, and to apply professional ethics:

Commitment to intellectual property rights and copyright:

The College for Postgraduate Studies and Research is committed to intellectual property rights and copyrights according to the Intellectual Property Protection Law No. 82 of 2002. The College is also committed to the intellectual property policy of Aswan University.
The college follows some official procedures to spread the culture of intellectual property rights and copyrights, which are as follows:

Awareness of intellectual property rights and publishing through training courses, within the training plan for faculty members and the supporting body, as shown in the document on the core values ​​of the college and the professional ethics of the college (attachment 2/5/1).
– Spreading the culture of intellectual property rights and publishing among students and emphasizing the submission of scientific research with citing scientific references with instructions for students to avoid plagiarism.
A set of procedures have also been developed to protect intellectual property, and these procedures are represented in the following practices:

First the computer software:
The college relied on programs licensed to be used by the university.

Second, theses and scientific periodicals:
1. Follow the international procedures and the accepted methods of citing references when writing letters and researches carried out by faculty members and students.
2. Not to allow photocopying of the results of scientific theses in the college library, except with permission from the author or whoever has the right to intellectual property.
3. Setting a maximum limit for photographing the permitted portions of scientific theses within the library.

Third, books and references:
1. Not to allow photocopying of any part of the books or folders available in the college in accordance with the terms of the author or the owner of the property right for this author.
2. Allow copying of some permitted parts of these books according to the author’s permission and in accordance with Article (48) of the Law Regulating Intellectual Property Rights No. 82 of 2002.
3. Alert and raise awareness. Postgraduate students are obligated to list the scientific references used when submitting any research required of them.