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Nanotechnology Research Center


The Nanotechnology Research Center at the Faculty of Energy Engineering was inaugurated on December 27, 2009, in the presence of Prof. Abbas Mohamed Mansour- President of South Valley University, Dr. Jaber Shabib Salman, Dean of the Faculty, and Prof. Fawy Mohamed Al-Sagheer, Vice President for Branch Affairs in Aswan. The presence of the assistant secretary at the branch, the deans of the colleges, the faculty members, and their assistants.

The Nanotechnology Research Center is the first research center in nanotechnology sciences at the level of southern Upper Egypt. This center was established on 09/29/2009 at the Faculty of Energy Engineering in Aswan with Egyptian funding from the Science and Technology Development Fund for the project “Innovative methods for developing nanotechnology materials and their applications on AC systems. The continuous “lead researcher, Mr. Dr. Ahmed Thabet Mohamed Mohamed,” the center aims to create new electrical materials using nanotechnology sciences and study their properties (electrical, mechanical, and physical… ..) and their behavior in order to improve their performance by changing their composition by using nanometer granules from various other materials.

There are some Egyptian and European universities working to make the project a success. South Valley University (Egypt) is the coordinating donor university next to Timber University (Finland) and the University of Leicester (England) the National Research Center (Egypt) is a major partner in the success of this project.