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Aswan University’s Participation in A Workshop in Greece for the Immune Modulations Project

Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman – Aswan University President stated that Aswan University participated in the Immune Modulation Project in participation of :

Prof. Shaimaa Sayed Abdel Rahim – Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, Aswan Medicine.
Prof. Shazly Baghdadi Ali – Assistant Professor of Chest Diseases at Aswan Medicine.
Dr. Rasha Mohamed Samir – Lecturer, Department of Pathology, Aswan Medicine.

Where participated in the project a several Egyptian Universities including the University of Cairo, Ain Shams, and Damanhour, as well as European universities from Greece, France, and Germany; this project comes under the auspiece of Al-Azhar University.

”Othman”-Aswan University President added that the Egyptian team from these universities in partnership with the European Universities designed the Immune Modulation Project courses which have been described with high accuracy in the light of quality standards.

Prof. Nady Kamal Aziz – Director of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center at Aswan University indicated that the workshop’s target held in Greece is the approval of the European outer sponsor for the project to describe these courses; also it has been approved to describe these courses with high degree.

This approval is considered the final station to describe courses which next to it is the experimental stage for diploma in the Immune Modulation Project (IMCert) which will enroll in it the graduates of the faculties of Medicine, science, and pharmacy, followed by approving the diploma from the Supreme Council of Universities then teaching with that diploma to (50) graduates from those faculties from the (5) Egyptian universities in the first year.