General Instructions for the Military Education Course - Energy Engineering ع

General Instructions for the Military Education Course

The military education administration has the following general instructions for the military education course :

General instructions for the course:
1. The course will be held over two weeks, starting on Saturday, April 13, 2024.
2. The first day is an administrative day, with course students meeting on Saturday at 8 a.m. at Abu Al-Rish Faculty of Engineering to evaluate transcripts and organize students before heading to the hall to announce the course schedule and distribute research.

3. Starting the next day, the fitness queue and lecture times will be followed according to the schedule from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

4. The dress code is a blue shirt and jeans, and the general appearance (haircut 3 above 1 side, chin) must be adhered to from the first day, as well as not wearing inappropriate shoes) or any accessories on the hands or neck, and not wearing inappropriate clothing (cut trousers or knives) or something similar to ensure that the course is not canceled.

5. Be disciplined during the course term and keep to the schedules, especially the fitness queue, as being late for the fitness queue reduces presence grades and counts as half a day of absence.

6. All students accepted into the course must verify their name and serial number through the registration website
7. All students must maintain the card and serial number, as they will be used during the course.

Cases of course cancellation:
1. Absence from the course for a full day.
2. Absence of more than 2 fitness queues.
3. Irregularity in lectures.
4. Talking inappropriately to the lecturer or one of the lecturer’s assistants.
5. Quarrel with a colleague.
6. Using a mobile phone for any reason during lectures.
7. Failing the final exam.
8. Failing to discuss the research assigned to the student, as it will be presented on paper and debated in groups of ten students for each research.