Origin - Energy Engineering ع




The Faculty of Energy Engineering – Aswan University is considered one of the first colleges of engineering in Southern Upper Egypt; the Faculty of Energy Engineering in Aswan was established under the name of the Higher Energy Institute in 1989 to graduate specialized engineers in serving electricity and energy fields as well as have the ability to absorb modern technology in these fields, and deal with it efficiently at the site and keep pace with its developments the continuous globalization; and the subordination of the college to the Ministry of Higher Education continued until 2006when it was annexed to the University of South Valley, branch of Aswan University, then the name was changed from the Higher Institute of Energy to the Faculty of Energy Engineering in 2011, and the first regulation of the faculty was operating on a two-semester system from its inception until 2007 then, a system of credit hours has been implemented since 2007 until now, and based on the accumulated experiences of the various departments and divisions, the desire has become urgent to develop and modify the academic regulations of the bachelor and postgraduate stages, and to transfer from the credit hour system to the two-semester system once again because of the difficulty of applying for credit- hours system because of the limited numbers of the academic staff, laboratory and constructional capabilities as well as experiences in applying system.