Required Papers - Energy Engineering

Required Papers

Required papers for master enrollment:

-Bachelor’s certificate in engineering with a good overall estimate of at least, but this condition isn’t necessary in the case of a student who has obtained postgraduate studies diploma from one of the faculties of engineering in the universities.

-For the students of the private faculties and engineering institutes(submitting approved equivalent certification from the Supreme Council of Universities)

1-An original copy of the graduation certificate.

2-An original copy of the automated birth certificate.

3-4 recent photographs.

4- A copy of the personal  ID.

5-A statement of the student’s grades during the study years until the bachelor’s stage.

6-The approval of the employer according to the workers of the government sector or in the business sector.

7-An original copy of the military form for males; the recruiter has to get a formal letter from the Organization & Administration Department stamped with the Republic’s Seal.

Soldiers must submit one of the following documents:

1-The approval of Armed Forces Management and Administration( if the applicant is a soldier).

2-The approval of Office Affairs ( if the applicant is an officer in the armed forces ) 

3-The approval of the Security Directorate( if a student is an officer in the police force or police secretary or one of the civilians’ employees in the Ministry of  Interior Affairs)

-Withdrawing a file for submitting from the postgraduate studies office with a cost of 50 l.e.

-Submitting during 1- 31 October per year.

-Study fees (2510 l.e).