Solar Chimney Unit - Energy Engineering

Solar Chimney Unit

Is a research project for clarifying Solar Chimney Technology for generating power in Aswan and its ability to generate clean energy and the extent of its efficiency, also its potential to operate energy in the case of the absence of the sun with a slight decline in the performance; and its competition to be the lowest-cost source of energy.

The research project is cooperating research between the Faculty of Energy Engineering and the (the University of Wuppertal and the Ruhr) in Menia

Goals of the Project

1 – Designing and manufacturing the solar chimney with its tiny dimensions as a source of new and renewable energy and will be implemented by the Faculty of Energy Engineering in Aswan.

2-Setting a thermodynamic theoretical air model for the chimney and turbine using in this the controller of flow that will be developed by the German party.

3- The faculty of Energy Engineering in Aswan will make a feasibility study about the essence of this technology for generating clean energy.

4-The structural design of the chimney and the solar collector will be applied by the German side.

5-In addition, this project will also pave a way for the cooperation between researchers in industry and governmental academic laboratories; as well as the concern of the engineering design on the using of available materials and how to manufacture them locally.