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Solar Chimney Unit

A research project for a feasibility study to clarify the technology of the solar chimney for power generation in the city of Aswan, its ability to generate clean energy, its effectiveness, and its ability to operate in the absence of the sun with a slight drop in performance, and its competition with the lowest cost energy source.


Project NameDesign of an evacuated tube Solar collector by using vertical cylindrical auto tracking 
FacultyEnergy Engineering
Start date17/11/2020
Duration 6 months
Funding 54,000 pounds
DonorScientific Research Academy
Principal investigatorDr. Muhammad Shaaban Issa

1- The Faculty of Energy Engineering in Aswan will develop the solar chimney, with its minuscule proportions, as a source of fresh and sustainable energy.

2. Using the flow controller that will be created by the German party, setting up a theoretical thermodynamic air model for the chimney and turbine.

3- The Energy Engineering Faculty in Aswan will conduct a feasibility assessment on the fundamentals of this clean energy technology.

4-The German side will implement the structural design of the chimney and solar collector.

5-In addition, this initiative will open up opportunities for collaboration between academic laboratories run by the government and industry researchers, as well as for those who are interested in engineering design.