Specializations - Energy Engineering ع


-Studying and suggesting the general policy, plans, programs that guarantee to achieve the role of the faculty in serving the community, and supervising on its achieving.

-Supervising strategic and operational plans of developing faculty’s own resources from various resources to achieve its vision and goals.

-Supervising the faculty’s facilities that present social services.

-Supervising and following all crises and catastrophes units, the safety, the professional health, and the civil defense of the faculty.

-Supervising the developmental conveys and the environmental projects with its comprehensive goals.

-Preparing training professional programs and educational courses to serve the community and develop the environment.

-Supervising Special Units Affairs of the faculty and presents social services.

– Supervising the applied research conducted by the college on behalf of companies and other bodies locally or regionally.

-Organizing conferences, scientific symposia, and public lectures aimed at community service and environmental development.

-Preparing reports and recommendations for the faculty’s scientific conferences with regard to community service and reporting them to the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development.

– Implementation of the decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities, the University Council, and the Council for Community Service and Environmental Development with regard to community service and environmental development affairs.