Responsibilities of Chairman - Energy Engineering

Responsibilities of Chairman

Chairman of the Board of Directors is the specialist of supervising the unit which leads to achieving his goals in the light of laws, regulations, decisions, and the periodical books that are organized that, his specialties are the following :

1-Inviting the board of directors for holding and heading its sessions.

2-Assigning director of the unit and his deputy according to determined and announced standards.

3-Following up implementing the public policy that is set to achieve the objectives of the unit’s center.

4-Accrediting  any payment documents including rewards and incentives for the center’s administration and the workers of the unit.

5-Representing the unit in front of others, addressing the board bodies, various bodies inside universities, what is related to the unit’s affairs, or deputing who does that.

6-Accrediting contracts of the dealing of the unit with others according to rules and policies that are determined by the board of directors.

7-Selecting the patriotic experts, sessional laborers, or wage laborers that the unit needs.

8-Any other specializations that the board of directors deputed him with the obligation to the rules of the presidential decision No.42 for 1942 regarding the mandate in specializations.