Unit's Director Tasks - Energy Engineering ع

Unit’s Director Tasks

According to the laws, regulations, decisions, and periodical books that organized it, one of the academic staff has been selected as the unit’s director by a decision from the university president, for three years that are renewable, and having the following specializations:

-The meeting’s invitation from the executive committees, the hiring structure, the internal system for working in the unit, identifying disciplines, and the overall categorization of its workers’ obligations.

-Technically, fiscally, and administratively supervising the workflow.

-Recommending sessional labor, wage labor, or patriot experts to work in the unit.

-Preparing quarterly and annual reports on the unit’s activities and presenting them to the board of directors.

-Follow up on measurement and assessment activities at the faculties, working on pushing the measurement and assessment systems’ development bicycle and continuous improvement.

-Suggesting that the board of directors and the unit’s employees receive payments and given incentives.

-Supervising the creation of the annual budget project, the final account, and the financial center of the center in preparation for submission to the necessary bodies.

-Following up on implementing the board of directors’ decisions in order to achieve performance efficiency.

-Suggesting participation in scientific conferences or other activities related to the unit’s goals.

-Administratively approving the exchange documentation.

-Suggesting fees for services and consultations given by the unit to others.

-What the board of directors has delegated to him from other specialisations.