Head Speech - Energy Engineering ع

Head Speech

 Mechanical engineering is considered the most important energy branch, and applied sciences are interested in designing, installing, operating, and maintaining machines.

Mechanical Engineering studies help you understand several natural phenomena, such as liquids and gases, solids, thermodynamics, heat transfer, material science, and vibrations.

-Mechanical Engineering is divided into two main departments:

1-Mechanical Power Engineering :

which is interested in the study of emergency, transfer, and storage of power, whether traditional power or frozen, as well as the study and design of produced machines for power such as steam, gas, watery and airy turbines, and engines that are worked with gasoline or diesel, or these worked by power like all kinds of pumps, air compressors, and air conditioning devices.

2: Design, Production, and Materials Engineering:

Which is concerned with studying, designing, manufacturing, and installation of machines that are used in production lines, operation, and maintenance, studying and testing raw materials that are used in their manufacture, as well as studying their use under external influences such as forces, friction, heat, and pressure.
The Mechanism Engineering Department at the Faculty of Energy Engineering at Aswan University is a factory to transfer students to distinctive engineers, so our products enjoy a wide attraction of interest, care, and guidance.
Prof. Mohamed Fathy Seddik
Head of Mechanical Engineering Department