Strategy of Teaching, Learning , and Evaluation - Energy Engineering

Strategy of Teaching, Learning , and Evaluation

Faculty of Energy Engineering seeks to develop educational strategies for their direct impact on the environmental and social aspects. Where the community highly depends on the higher education institutions in preparing its sons who must have the capability of providing the needs of the labor market. Within the light, the faculty seeks to update the characteristics that the graduate who works in the fields of energy engineering must have, then transfer from the old teaching style to the effective learning style.

Goals of Strategies:

1-Encouraging students to express their opinion.

2-Accustom students to logical thought.

3-Encouraging students to find several solutions for engineering problems.

4-The capability of giving a logical thought for the solutions they reached to them.

5-Encouraging students to reach generalizations, theories, rules, and postulates by themselves through the exploring style.

6-Encouraging students to use brainstorming style to discuss the opening questions and exploration.