Tasks of the Executive Manager - Energy Engineering

Tasks of the Executive Manager

1-Presenting the suggestion of forming the teamwork and approving it from the dean of the faculty.

2-Guidance and supervision of all the unit’s workers.

3-Organizing and coordinating work among the members of the executive committee at the unit that’s relevant to implementing tasks and activities.

4-Following up implementing daily works according to the executive plan and the various roles of the unit’s members.

5-Presenting periodical reports for the board of directors about developing work in the unit according to his responsibilities, and the problems that obstacle carried out tasks.

6-Holding periodical meetings for the teamwork of the unit, at least one time through the month to prepare plans’ work and following up its implementation.

7-Writing monthly report to the dean of the faculty about the progress of scientific departments in the evaluation process and the extent of its implementation to unit’s activities. 

8-Following up presenting and discussing the subjects of evaluation and exams to the specialized councils in the faculty (faculty’s council, scientific committees,  and scientific departments and accredited them and implemented decisions that are relevant to them.

9-Representing the unit in meetings as the periodical meetings for the units’ managers as well as the participation in seminars and conferences that are relevant to the activities of developing evaluation.