1st Council - Energy Engineering ع

1st Council

Today, this morning, on Tuesday corresponding to 12/1/2021, the first council of measurement and evaluation unit was held at the Faculty of Energy Engineering at eleven o’clock morning, in the meeting hall at the faculty, headed by Dr.Abdelmomen Mohamed Abdel Rahim-Executive Manager of the unit, in the presence of the members of the Board of the Directors, the council decided the following:

-Holding a monthly meeting to follow up on implementing works periodically and continuously.

-Setting vision, mission, goals, and organizational structure of the unit after reviewing by the Board of Directors of the unit.

-Submitting a request to the dean of the faculty of energy engineering to determine the unit’s location and equip it with the following:

A-A place for e-correction.

B-Training and question banks inside the unit include the following (Display Screen-Data show Device-Computer-Printer-Photocopier)

C-Meeting hall for meetings.

D-Paper and office supplies.