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It is a scientific, educational, and cultural unit that aims to collect information through various methods such as deposit, purchase, and exchange, and it is based on a specific system of arranging, classification, and indexing of books in their various places, and it can also be defined as one or more rooms containing books and materials dealing with various available topics for all university employees to study, read, and be guided by them.

Names of references and scientific books at the library of the Faculty of Energy Engineering-Aswan University.

The faculty’s library is one of the departments that is under the supervision of the Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research, and the faculty’s library is managed by a director who has high qualifications that meet the conditions and nature of work; it is preferable for those who have experience. 

The library director is responsible for the following tasks: 

  • Technical and administrative supervision of the library staff 
  • Participating and cooperating with the library staff to develop a policy and plan to provide good library services 
  • Providing opinions for developing the holdings of the library when supplying it 
  • Supervising the examination and addition of all holdings and the technical preparation of information vessels, their classification, and indexing through the use of classification plans and the indexing rules followed in libraries 
  • The director is assigned to form the annual library inventory committee and to approve its formation by the Dean of the Faculty. 
  • Technical supervision of the annual inventory of the library and presenting the records and results of the inventory to the General Administration of Libraries for approval from the President of the University

Duration of the borrowing

Provided that the borrowing is for a period of one week, renewable, and in the case of delaying from the date, the borrower is warned, and in the case of a repeat violation, a note is submitted to Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies for consideration.

Number of available books for borrowing

The duration of the external borrowing of the following categories may not exceed the limits established for each category: –

CategoryNumber of Books
Academic staff of the Faculty3
Emeritus Professor of the Faculty3
Assistants of Academic Staff at the Faculty2
Faculty’s staff2
Faculty’s students1

-Upon entering the library, the student’s name is entered into the computer.

-Through the computer, one can query and search for the names of the required books and their location in the library.
-The student is trained to search by using the computer with the assistance of the librarian
-Leave books and references on the table after review.
-All book and reference data in the library (title – author – publisher data – location of the book on the shelves in the library) are recorded on the computer.
-Take into account not to use more than two books for the student on the table after perusal.
-Preserving books and handling them gently and orderly in order to protect them from damage
-Leaving external books and bags outside the library, and not leaving money or valuables in it, and the library management is not responsible for any lost items in this regard.
-Notice the total calmness in the hallway.
-In order to improve our work and make the most of the library, we are open to hearing any recommendations, criticisms, or other feedback.
(Critical Directions)

All library users must adhere to the following guidelines: –

-Do not bring tools or luggage inside the inspection hall.

-Do not leave any money or valuables inside the baggage.

-Not bringing any books or notes into the library.

-No personal laptops or group study in the library. -Hand over the college card and record student data on the computer.

-Remain completely calm, do not disturb the hall, and switch off cell phones.
-The librarian guides you when you request a book.

-Use and conserve collectibles with care, and do not scribble on them.

-Remember that there are only two books for the student on the table.

-After reviewing the book, leave it on the table.

-External borrowing is not permitted for students if the required copies are not accessible.

-The librarian teaches students how to search the digital library on library computers.

-After consulting with the college administration, the library has the authority to forbid anyone who violates its guidelines from using its services.

-We welcome listening to any comments, suggestions or complaints to develop work and maximize the benefit of the library.
(Important Instructions)