The Organized Rules for Converting and Transferring Enrollment - Energy Engineering

The Organized Rules for Converting and Transferring Enrollment

First: Transferring new students or transferring their registration: (A) Through the Coordination Office: The transfer of new students who are candidates for admission to universities or who wish to transfer their registration from one college to another is not symmetrical through the Electronic Coordination Office. (B) Through the universities and after the Coordination Office appointments: The paper transfer is made available to high school students based on the decision of Dr. / President of the University and the availability of places for these students at the university. Applications of students wishing to transfer them from the corresponding colleges are accepted within the framework of reducing alienation and for family reunification or transferring their registration from non-symmetric colleges within the limits of the minimum accepted by the college in the year of obtaining high school, and they must submit the following papers: – 1- Change the place of residence 6 months before applying to the university through (electricity – water – telephone receipt) 2- A copy of the high school diploma 3- Transferring according to an administrative decision of the guardian from the competent authority 4- Paying EGP 200 to the account of the Educational Services Fund Second: Transferring between counterpart colleges (the higher teams): The student must be successful and transferred to a higher division in the college from which he is transferred – That the transfer and transfer of registration be centralized at the level of each university – The percentage of converts should not exceed 25% of the number of students enrolled in the class to which transfer is required according to general rules announced in each college according to the capabilities of the college – The transfer priority should be according to the estimate obtained by the student – It is not permissible to accept requests to transfer students between the corresponding faculties after the lapse of one month from the start of the study – The student has the right to extract a statement of status from the college in which he is enrolled to present it to any other authority at any time Third: Transferring registration to non-new ones: Students’ registration is transferred to and from non-symmetric colleges for holders of high school diplomas from previous years from non-freshmen under the following conditions: – He must have obtained the minimum total of grades accepted by the deputy to whom the registration is to be transferred in the year of his high school diploma. – That the transfer of registration takes place at a college that has no equivalent in his governorate The approval of the Council of the two colleges to transfer the registration The transfer of registration from one college to another is not symmetrical within the university or from another university Submit a case statement from the college from which the student wishes to move his hand.