Training Labs Unit Goals - Energy Engineering

Training Labs Unit Goals

Goals of the Unit:
– Assisting the Institute in carrying out its mission both in the field of student education and training in full research or consulting
– Conducting scientific research aimed at solving the problems facing the productive activity or the role of services or different work sites in the community in general and in particular in the electricity and energy sector within the city of Aswan
– Assisting productive activity with scientific methods that lead to the development and innovation of new methods resulting in the abundance of production and multiplicity and improvement
– Contributing to the training of members of society to use modern scientific and technical methods and education and raise their productivity in various fields
– To strengthen cultural and scientific ties with universities and other scientific bodies, both locally and internationally
– Contributing to the implementation of the projects of the Institute and provide it with its needs and carry out maintenance work and reforms that fall within its specialties
– Carrying out research and advisory work for others.