Goals - Energy Engineering ع


– Assisting the Institute in carrying out its goal in the areas of student instruction, complete research, and consultation.

– Conducting scientific studies aimed at resolving problems associated with productive activity, the function of services, or diverse work sites in the community in general, and specifically in the power and energy industry in Aswan.

– Facilitating productive activity through scientific procedures that lead to the invention and innovation of new ways, resulting in an abundance of production, multiplicity, and improvement.

– Contributing to the training of members of society in the use of current scientific and technological methods, as well as education, in order to increase their productivity in a variety of specialties.

– To strengthen cultural and scientific relationships with universities and other scientific institutions both locally and globally.

– Contributing to the Institute’s project implementation, meeting its demands, and carrying out maintenance and reforms within its areas of expertise.

– Conducting research and providing advice to others.