Executive Committees Unit - Energy Engineering ع

Executive Committees Unit

(6) Members of teaching staff represent (6) Unit executive committees

-Assisting in the development of assessments and the development of terminology for the department’s numerous courses.

-Continue constructing and updating the question bank.

-Following up with scientific department coordinators on the methodology for reviewing and updating the question bank.

-Reviewing the confidentiality and security criteria for the unit’s business question bank.

-Providing the necessary assistance to train faculty members to deal with question banks in collaboration with the training and media committee officers

-Follow up the implementation of the mechanisms and procedures for electronics in the college.

-Follow up the documentary course on electronic correction in coordination with the controls of the different departments.

-Training academic staff in coordination with the officer training and media committee.

-Follow up on the various reports after making the electronic correction.
Supervising any other business that benefits from electronic correction such as mechanizing questionnaires .

  • The necessary support to complete the statistical analysis of the tests in the faculty.
  • Establishment of a statistical analysis unit at the University affiliated with the Measurement and Assessment Center.
  • Periodic measurement of the satisfaction of the concerned parties with the performance and activities of the unit.
  • Define the test data recording system and the classical and advanced statistical analysis methods for test results.
  • Preparing statistical analysis reports for exam results.
  • Technical supervision of the question bank components equipment.
  • Follow-up work on the application of the calendar guide in the scientific departments of the college in coordination with the department coordinators.
  • Supervising the preparation of a plan for the development of assessment and examination systems in the light of the analysis results.
  • Updating measurement and evaluation methods and tools on scientific basics.
  • Providing information needed by teaching staff and academic improvement. 

♦ Developing a training plan and implementing courses and workshops to meet training needs.

♦ For academic staff and the faculty’s assistant body about measurement and evaluation.

♦ Measuring the impact and feedback of training.

♦ Demonstrating the importance of the unit in the various media and on the internet via the website.

♦ Preparing periodic bulletins on the work and activities of the unit.

♦ Preparing yearbooks on the development of measurement and evaluation systems at the university.

♦ Preparing the necessary posters and paper and electronic advertisements to introduce the unit and its activities.

♦ Spreading the culture of measurement and evaluation among students in the different departments.

♦ Follow-up of the corresponding units in other colleges and universities with the aim of continuous development of the unit.

♦ Carrying out all of the unit’s secretarial responsibilities.

♦ Indexing and archiving of all documents related to the unit.

♦ Follow-up on the implementation of the executive director’s directives for the administrative tasks required to control the performance of the unit.

♦ Provide technical support through periodic maintenance of orthodontic and measuring devices.

♦ Follow-up to update the necessary programs for updating, measurement, and question banks.

♦ Provide technical and administrative support for the application of measurement and evaluation systems in the college.