IT Unit's Services - Energy Engineering

IT Unit’s Services

1- Services for Academic Staff and the Assistant Body

1-Creating a university email (Edu Mail) for each member.
2-Creating a site for each member on the faculty’s electronic portal.
3-Creating an account for each member to use the Digital Library.
4-Activating the use of E-Learning courses.
5-Training Service on the using of information technology.

2- Services for students

1-Creating faculty’s email (Edu Mail) for each student.
2-Publishing study schedules, examination schedules, seating numbers, and results on the faculty website.
3-Activating the use of E-Learning courses.
4-Training Service.
5-Publishing news of the faculty and students on the faculty’s website.

3- Services for employees

1-University Email Service (Edu Mail).
2-Training Service.
3-Technical support service.