Tasks - Energy Engineering ع


♦ Establishing an internal system for the quality assurance unit.

♦ Dissemination and promotion of the culture and concepts of the quality within the faculty.

♦ Developing the faculty policies in the field of quality.

♦ Achieving the faculty’s mission and strategic objectives through quality assurance, educational, research, and community activities.

♦ Submitting annual reports and self-study for the faculty.

♦ Establishing an integrated information system to evaluate the performance and ensure the quality of the faculty.

♦ Creating a database and electronic information for the faculty’s human and material resources.

♦ Preparing the faculty for accreditation.

♦ Providing guidelines and investing services for the scientific departments and the various administrations of the faculty with regard to accreditation and quality.

♦ Conducting environmental analysis of the college to enhance the college’s strengths and work to identify shortcomings and put developmental plans for improvement.

♦ Implementation of the college’s strategic plan with respect to each standard.

♦ Strengthening the system of research activities by adopting an integrated research plan.

♦ Provide technical support and follow-up to evaluate the performance and quality assurance system in the college.

♦ Raising the level of the college’s community participation with civil society institutions, associations, and bodies.

♦ Participation in scientific meetings and conferences related to quality held in foreign bodies.