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Vice-Dean ‘Speech

Postgraduate studies are one of the three basic pillars of the academic activity of faculty members, as it is one of the branches of supporting and activating the link between the college, industry, and community service, thus contributing to the advancement of the college and university classification locally and internationally. According to the university’s vision, the graduate studies and research sector plays an effective scientific and research role in facing the major challenges in Egypt, the most important of which are water resources, energy, environment, and industrial and technological development.

The Postgraduate Studies Sector, in its various departments (Department of Postgraduate Studies, Cultural Relations, Library, and Scientific Journal), works to achieve the following goals:

-We are encouraging postgraduate students to publish internationally in international journals with a high impact factor by raising the level of scientific research and master’s theses and actively contributing to raising the international rankings of the college and university.

developing postgraduate programs and creating new programs that serve the requirements of the external community at present.

-Increasing the effective participation of the scientific role of the college in solving industry problems through communication with industrial companies to solve problems scientifically.

encouraging and assisting faculty members to compete in local and international research projects.

-Work on facilitating administrative procedures so that researchers can devote themselves to scientific research and improve it.

upgrading the scientific journal of the college and adopting an effective mechanism that guarantees increased confidence and credibility for the journal, raising its scientific weight, promoting the periodic international scientific conference of the college, and placing it on the global map of conferences.

-Follow-up of academic staff and their assistants inside and outside during their obtaining higher academic degrees, training courses, and scientific missions, and overcoming any obstacles in the way of completing their scientific research.

raising the efficiency of the administrative staff’s capabilities in the postgraduate studies and research sector at the faculty through continuous training courses.

Dr. Mohamed Fathi Siddiq Ismail

Vice Dean of the Faculty for Postgraduate Studies and Research