Vision & Mission - Energy Engineering ع

Vision & Mission

-Contribute to the college’s educational mission and strategic plan performance, as well as endeavor to improve the efficiency of its students and graduates.

-Seminars are being held to spread the culture of community participation among academic members, their assistants, students, and the surrounding community.

-Organizing community development training courses by building and organizing cultural, scientific, and sporting events in collaboration with the local community.

-Encourage technical innovation among college students, instructors, and their helpers.

-Marketing services and applied research for the college’s particular centres and units on a local and regional level.

-Organizing specialized scientific conferences, exhibitions, and seminars, whether at the student or research level, to demonstrate the college’s potential and capabilities in the applied side of science.

-Creating a unit for college graduates to maintain constant communication with them in the field of services, as well as training and implementing courses that prepare them for the labor market.

-Seek to sign joint cooperation protocols with civil society organizations and engineering enterprises to perform research and applied projects and hold workshops to learn about their needs and solve industrial and environmental concerns.

-Work to make better use of the available natural resources.

Enhancing the faculty’s role in serving the local and regional community and the effective participation in employing its resources to achieve comprehensive development for Aswan Governorate and the surrounding communities. 

The faculty strives for effective interaction with the surrounding community in order to meet its needs and goals, as well as to achieve faculty leadership in the field of community service and development issues at the local and regional levels.