Bachelor's Degree - Energy Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree :

-Students could be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree in Engineering in one of the academic divisions if the student has gotten high school certification or its equivalent, according to 75 . Article –Universities Organizing Law.

-The duration of studying is four years in the departments of faculty, preceded by a preparatory year for all students, the year is divided into two semesters, each of them ended with the exam, according to what is stated in the schedule exams of studying courses that are attached to this regulation.

The student got a bachelor’s degree in one of the following engineering divisions:

  • Power engineering and electrical machines
  • Mechanical Power Engineering
  • Production engineering and mechanical design
  • Petroleum and natural gas engineering
  • New and renewable energy engineering
  • Construction engineering and project management.
  • After passing successfully the exams of academic courses that are stipulated in the fourth chapter of this regulation.

Students’ success in the academic courses & general average  is determined  according to the schedule :

  • Excellent-85% or more from the total score.
  • Very good-75% to less than 85% from the total score.
  • Good –65%to less than 75% from the total score.
  • Pass-50% to less than 65% from the total score.

Student’s failure in the academic courses & general average  is determined  according to the schedule :

  • Fail-from 30% to less than 50% of the total score.
  • Very Fail-less than 30% of the total score.

Conducts of the enrollment:

The nominated students submitted the following papers from the coordination office to the faculty:

  • Birth certificate (National ID) + two photocopies of the certificate.
  • A copy of the ID card.
  • Copy of the nomination card.
  • (6) Personal photos.
  • Form (2 soldiers) for males only, and the student shall fill in his details with it.
  • Recruitment Card (6 soldiers) for males only.


Student Affairs Department receives these papers after arriving at the coordination statements of the faculty and passing the medical examination and paying the prescribed fees.

Tuition fees are estimated by Egyptian pounds only to be paid through an automated card.

The organized rules for converting and transferring the enrollment:

First: Converting new students and transferring their enrollment:

A-by Coordination Office:

New students that are nominated for admission in the universities or those who want to transfer their enrollment from one faculty to another unmatched faculty by the electronic coordination office.

B-by universities or after the dates of coordination office:

According to the decision of Aswan University President, requests of students wishing to transfer them from the corresponding faculties within the reduction of alienation and family reunification or the transfer of their enrollment from the colleges are not accepted within the minimum limits accepted by the college in the year of obtaining the high school and they must submit the following papers: –

1- Changing the place of residence 6 months before applying to the university through (electricity – water – phone receipt)

2- A copy of the high school certificate

3- Transfer by administrative decision of the guardian from the competent authority

4- Pay 200 pounds for the educational services fund

Second: Transfer between the corresponding colleges (the highest difference):

  • The student must be successful and transferred to a higher group in the college from which he was transferred.
  • The converting and transfer of enrollment must be central at the level of each university.
  • The percentage of those who want to transfer should not exceed 25% of the number of students that are enrolled in the batch that is requested to transfer to it according to the general rules announced in each faculty, according to the capabilities of the faculty.
  • The priority for the transfer shall be in accordance with the estimate of the student.
  • Applications may not be accepted to transfer students between the corresponding faculties after one month from starting of the study.
  • The student has the right to extract a case statement from the college in which he is enrolled in order to submit it to any other agency at any time.

Third: transferring  the enrollment to non-new ones:

The transferring for students’  enrollment from and to the unmatched faculties  could be done  for those who obtain high school certification since previous years from the non-news ones according to the following terms:

1-Student should be previously obtained the minimum total score of the admission of the faculty that he wants to transfer to it, during his studying in the high school.

2-Transferring enrollment should be in a faculty that hasn’t corresponded in his government.

3-Approval of the council of both faculties on the transferring enrollment.

4-Transferring enrollment from faculty to another unmatched one inside faculty or from another one.

5-Applying statement case from the faculty that student wants to transfer his enrollment from it.