Results of Nanotechnology Research Center - Energy Engineering

Results of Nanotechnology Research Center

1-Comparative studies in analyzing the electrical and mechanical properties of the main fillings, their effect on the basic polymer and its properties.
2-Creating composite samples for the insulating polymer.
3-Innovating technical products for manufacturing.
4-Demonstrated experimental results in buffer polymers nanomaterials additive.
5-Designs for advanced theoretical models based on experimental results.
6-Applying for registration of 2 patents for invention in the development of insulation materials for electric power cables and capacitors.
7-Continuing research in developing industrial transformer oils using the latest nanotechnology technologies.
 8-Publishing 18 scientific papers in international conferences and 35 scientific papers in scientific journals, as well as 12 scientific research papers under arbitration).
9-Registration of 11 masters in the field of electrical applications development using nanotechnology techniques.
10-Activating a joint research cooperation between the university and three European universities in the field of nanotechnology sciences.
11-Activating industrial research cooperation with industrial companies specialized in the manufacture of electrical products.