Aswan University begins the new year on the top of the young Egyptian Universities - Energy Engineering

Aswan University begins the new year on the top of the young Egyptian Universities


Prof.Ayman Mahmoud Othman-Aswan University President announced that Aswan University has achieved its first place in the new year, where Aswan University came on the top of the Egyptian Universities in the first place in the British Times Classification ” THE Young University Rankings 2022” less than 50 years and ranked 126 on the level of the global universities. The university operated at its full capacity to maintain its place in the filters of the global universities as the best Egyptian universities. This classification comes after a series of distinct classifications for the university through previous years was; its last was inserting Aswan University in News: Best Global Universities Subject Ranking in the engineering discipline for the first time in its history.

For his part, His Excellency added that these results come in light of the concerted efforts of the distinguished scholars and researchers of Aswan University in developing the outputs of scientific research to be of high quality, which was reflected in the university’s uniqueness with unprecedented citation rates, especially the classification of 5 Aswan University scientists among the best 2% of the Scientists around the world in their scientific specializations, and work to continue developing policies and strategies to provide an ideal educational environment in line with international standards and also in line with the requirements of sustainable development in accordance with Egypt’s Vision 2030, and to promote the advancement of scientific research and its outputs, and to ensure that Aswan University scholars and researchers are fully aware of these Standards and mechanisms for their application.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz Muhalal Orabi – Director of the International Classification Office at the university – explained that the Times Classification of Young Universities is for universities that have been in existence for less than 50 years at the world level, and applies the same standards for the classification of international universities in the field of education, scientific research, and transfer Knowledge and international cooperation, and weights are re-evaluated to reflect the image of the tasks of young universities, as 13 calibrated performance indicators are used to make comparisons between them.

His Excellency also congratulated Prof. Dr. Ayman Mahmoud Othman, President of the University, as well as all members of the Aswan University, faculty members and their assistants, employees, and students of Aswan University, for achieving this achievement and working on the continuation of Aswan University in winning international scientific titles.