Preparations of Aswan University to receive the 2nd semester - Energy Engineering

Preparations of Aswan University to receive the 2nd semester

Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman-Aswan University President added that the university has made all its preparations to receive the 2nd semester including preparing a studying plan, distributing courses, and the plan of secondments for faculties, and preparing the requirements of the studying laboratories from glasses and chemical to conduct a unified purchase, as well the halls, study halls and laboratories have been prepared, and the outpatient clinics also have been prepared with the latest medical devices and this for facilitating students.

The university president stressed applying all precautionary measures that included securing the sterilization gates and purifying the terraced workshops and classrooms in all the university headquarters (Sahary-New Aswan City) at the various faculties of the university which number achieves 19 faculties and 2 institutes; confirming on wearing the medical masks and providing the temperature devices and other precautionary measures, as keen to the safety of students, workers, and all the university staff.

Prof. Ayman Othman-Aswan University President added that the university ended all preparations and equipment in hostels to receive university’s students from various batches all faculties of the university.

Prof. Louay Saad El-Din Nasrat – Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, explained that the residential rooms were prepared and maintained by maintaining carpentry and accessing electricity and water pointing out the hostels were provided with several restaurants to serve students of the university hostels, and this comes within the framework of preparations and equipment in the university hostels, all various needs were prepared to the university hostels including tools and the necessary equipment to provide the best services in the field of accommodation and nutrition in an appropriate way for Aswan University.