Student Union Elections - Energy Engineering

Student Union Elections

Based on the Minister of Higher Education’s approval to hold student union elections for the academic year 2022/2023, and the University President’s approval to hold student union elections at the university. Aswan University’s Faculty of Energy Engineering announces the holding of student union elections for the academic year 2022/2023.

Admission requirements for candidates:

1-To be of Egyptian Arab Republic nationality.

2-To be of good character and reputation.

3-He must be a first-year student who has not failed more than two courses he enrolled in last year.

4-He must have documented student activity in the field of the committee for which he is nominated, and students from the preparatory stage are excluded.

5-He must not have previously faced disciplinary action.

6-He must not have previously received a criminal sentence or been convicted of a crime against honor.

7-You must not be a member of any terrorist organization or group.

Committees of the Student Union:

1- Committees for Families 2- Cultural 3- Creative 4- Socialization and Scouts.

5- Sports 6- Scientific and Technological Avances 7- Scouting and Community Service.

-For one batch, two members are elected to each federation committee.

-Each of the federation’s committees elects a (secretary – assistant secretary) from among its members at the level of academic teams.

-Elections for (president – vice president) of the University Student Union are held among the presidents and vice presidents of the student unions in the faculties, with positions not being duplicated.