Launch of the University's Email Program - Energy Engineering

Launch of the University’s Email Program

To serve all university staff, the electronic portal at Aswan University announces the opening of the university email application, which in turn offers three separate services:

First: Use the national number to retrieve the university email (this is in case it was previously linked to the national number):

This service has been made available to all university emails and has been activated for freshmen. Please click here to attempt this service and obtain the email using the local number.

Second: Modifying student mail information

The university email data can be completely changed using this service, either by adding (departments- specialties -people -national number), keeping in mind that doing so is crucial for retrieving the email in the future and obtaining all university services, or by adding the national number from this page.

Click here for more information on how to modify or condense the old email while keeping all correspondence.

Third: A service for creating university emails

By clicking the next link, you can create a new email for the first time: Make a university email account.

Realizing that within 24 working hours, the database will have the new email addresses that need to be created and adjusted. The country code can be used to find it.

Please rate here any issues or recommendations relating to this new application.