Objectives of the Materials Engineering and Design Department - Energy Engineering

Objectives of the Materials Engineering and Design Department

The Department of Materials Engineering and Design aims to provide graduates the ability to: ♦ Solving big problems in the field of production engineering, design or any other field as employees in the public or private sector ♦ Contributing worthily as members of engineers or other problem-solving teams and effectively communicate within the team and to clients. ♦ Advancement in their careers – including increased responsibilities and leadership roles. ♦ Continuous learning, whether in the official program you graduated from or by participating in professional conferences and educational programs. ♦ Dealing responsibly when making professional and personal decisions – as examples of serving those around them. ♦ Continuing their education in leading postgraduate programs in specialized engineering fields to graduate researchers and experts. ♦ To have the ability to assume leadership and leadership positions. ♦ Work successfully and communicate effectively, both on an individual level and within multidisciplinary teams.