Social Solidarity - Energy Engineering

Social Solidarity

Goals of Social Solidarity:

-Achieving social solidarity for students including assurance ,social care and loans.

-Contribution in implementing students’ services.

-Working on solving the problems that face students and being obstacle through their study because of  the incapacity of their income.

Conditions of disbursement of subsidies:

-Student must be Egyptian.

-Never having any disciplinary punishment from university .

-The average per ca-pita in the month shouldn’t exceed the average that is issued by the Fund’s Board of Directors..

-Providing social research and the source of income for the head of the family.

Conducts of the faculty regarding providing aids:

1-Forming the Board of Social Fund Management by the dean of the faculty and it’s consisted of  chairman of the fund to ,two of academic staff , head of youth welfare division and secretary of students union.

2-Announcing of receiving social solidarity applicants (regularity-enrollment) system, in  first or second semester

3-Starting receiving aids applications whether in the first semester or in the second semester

4- After completing receiving the applications, the committee will be formed  by the head of the solidarity to examine requests’ aids and consisted of one academic staff, social worker and secretary of students’ union .

-After checking requests, the value of the finical aid of each applicant is determined according to the decision of Aids Committee .