Achievements of Student Affairs - Energy Engineering

Achievements of Student Affairs

-Receiving freshmen of the secondary high school students- the scientific department and students of technical institutes, instructing and guiding them, and finishing their registration measurement (medical examination -study fees- extracting cards).
-Creating students lists for all batches- presence and absence list- year works list.
-Creating archives of students’ data and tuition fees.
-Creating a military archive of students.
-Creating position data of students that transfer from the faculty.
-Creating student enrollment data.
-Creating railroad form.
-Creating training forms.
-Finishing measurements of military education courses for students faculty.
-Reviewing faculty’s results.
-Delivering temporary certifications of students (estimates certifications of students).
-Announcing results for students.
-Reporting recruiting with graduates of every year.
-Creating statements of the graduation names for Engineers Syndicate.
-Creating patents’ statements.